Common rendition by Isa

Common rendition by Isa

Our interpretation of an illusion is merely the logic and definition of a notion, that’s how the mind suppose to function, actions based on observation and indication, thoughts that had been positioned when looking for solution, such position might resolute into mental pollution, cluttering the institution, take caution for it may be mistaken as social degradation, a liquidation of a proper moral comprehension, stacked in between destruction and civilization, oh dear poor population, let’s make it as a blessed nation, we are living the great revelation, make happiness our potion, enlighten those who have not seen compassion, life at peace shall be our possession..

Music by Isa


Music can be found in many forms and genres. Whatever form it takes, what I like most about music is how it literally plays with my mood, changing it from angry to relaxed, especially when I listen to slow and relaxing music. My interpretation of music is that it is a mixture of art and soul, produced through melodies and notes as well as lyrics. That is why music is so special. You have to really understand and more importantly, feel the music to listen and enjoy it. Otherwise, it may just be noise to your ears.

Besides feeling good when listening to music, some people use music as a medium for them to express their emotions and feelings. Just like a painting which carries a lot of meaning. Many people who are involved in the music industry are driven by passion and would devote all their time and energy to produce music, some even start composing music at a tender age, for example, great musicians like Mozart and Beethoven, whose works of art withstood the test of time, and are still played all around the world today.

Music does not have any language or cultural barriers. It can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. Music also has its role in traditional ceremonies as well as formal or informal ceremonies. Be it a presidential inauguration or a simple wedding ceremony, music is always present.

Popular music, with its multitude of genres such as rock, reggae, hip-hop and country and western has been such an influential force and has even given birth to various cultures or sub-cultures. Many of the genres of music started as a group of people playing a certain kind of music and influencing others to the point of it becoming a culture and a way of life, Hip-hop music for example has influenced the way teenagers dress and speak. Likewise, reggae music has spawned the Rastafarian culture which is embraced by the people of West Indian origin.

This is the impact music has on the world and how people change around music is truly unique and wonderful.

Mohamad Isa Bin Ibrahim

What goes around comes back around

Allowing poverty to fester is oppression..


Resistance against an unjust govt maybe unlawful. But what’s the point of worshipping oppressive laws?


When govt defends race-based laws and national policies, then its the duty of the citizens to revolt against apartheid..


No Justice, No Peace.